large pot with vegetables, text: Stone Soup It's what you bring to the pot.

At it’s core the story of Stone Soup is about the community–the community that sings together, hopes together, and eats together. The story is about what we can accomplish when we stop thinking in terms of scarcity and begin to share with each other.

Although this year we are unable to come together to share a meal, that doesn’t mean we can’t reach out through local organizations that meet the needs of the community by sharing meals. So this Sunday we will take up a collection for Stewpot. Even though we can’t make soup together, we can help others by generously sharing our bounty.

We are planning this as a LIVE DRIVE-IN service! Think back to a going to a drive-in movie theater. We will gather on the grounds in our cars and broadcast our service over the FM dial. You might want to bring a small radio, so you don’t have to keep your car running, and maybe even a lawn chair to sit outside while maintaining physical distance from each other.

Please bring donations of money and/or non-perishable canned or boxed goods, which will be collected at the gate as you enter, and delivered to Stewpot after the service.

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