2021 Kick Off: Full Steam Ahead

Rev. Edie Love will lead a discussion about the events of this new year, thus far, and what we can imagine our role as Unitarian Universalists might be in crafting a more just world in 2021.

This service will be held online. Join us on Zoom … read more.

Whoever you are, wherever you are on your personal or spiritual path, know that you are welcome!

Member Stories

After not feeling fully embraced by several other denominations and paths, UUCJ offers me a place to celebrate my faith and values.

I visited the church years ago and was interested and impressed with their unique approach to religious community. Now, I’m actively involved and feel as though I am contributing to a community that is meaningful and helps me find the connection that I have always sought but never found in church.

UUCJ has been home base for me for many years now. I’ve been able to provide leadership through many positions in the church. There are so many opportunities for personal and spiritual growth here. It has been a blessing to be part of this faith community. I look forward to many more years with this exciting group of folks.


  • Request to Refrain from Counter-Protesting January 19, 2021
    Given the horrific violence in our nation’s capital last week, there is a real concern this violence might continue–not only in Washington, DC–but also in each state capital. The Unitarian Universalist Church of Jackson has a long history of taking direct action to promote social justice; however, the leadership of UUCJ has joined with the UUA ...
  • Capital Building Fund Established: Building the Future December 13, 2020
    During the Fall Congregational Meeting, the UUCJ membership voted to establish a Capital Building Fund: Building the Future to support renovation of the West Street facilities and grounds! These funds will first be used to renovate Heffner Hall, our current meeting space on the corner of West and Hartfield Streets. The renovation planned will redesign a ...
  • 2021 Budget Approved December 12, 2020
    The following 2021 budget was adopted at the Fall Congregational Meeting: INCOME 2021 Budget Pledges $45,000 Plate $5,000 Material Donations $0 Fundraising $500 Rentals $1,000 Lease/ Purchase $18,000 Appreciation $100 TOTAL $69,600 EXPENSES 2021 Budget Administration $1,500 Affiliation $3,800 West St. Facilities $23,000 West St. Renovations $15,000 State St. Facilities $5,600 Minister $37,106 Child Care $540 Welcoming $600 Exploring $3,500 Living $650 Changing $300 TOTAL $91,596