Topic: Holiday

Mabon: A Time of Balance and Care

This Sunday we celebrate the second harvest celebration of the trinity in the Wheel of the Year. Mabon (Autumnal Equinox, giving thanks for the fruits of the earth). The first of this trinity was Lammas (Sept 1st: loaf mass when pagans would bring their loaves … read more.

Wisdom of Our Ancestors: Samhain in Spring

This Memorial Day will seem heavy to many of us. We are at a weird moment in history where the Wheel of the Year (Pagan/Wicca) seems to have flipped. Samhain (October 31-November 1) and Beltane (May 1) seem confused. These two parts of the Wheel … read more.


Ostara is a celebration of the renewal of life with the return of spring. This week marks the Spring Equinox and it will be observed in an intergenerational service for Ostara with a ritual of intention.

Something on Resilience

During the 1989 movie Gleaming the Cube, Christian Slater’s character Brian has to cope with the death of his brother. At very low time his friend says to him, “Your gleaming the cube, Brian” Brian gives his friend a questionable look, so he clarifies, “The … read more.