The UU Kids class is for school age children and introduces them into religious community. Using the Spirit Play (Montessori-inspired) approach, the class uses active story telling, wondering time, and child-directed activities. The UU Kids explore Unitarian Universalist values and rituals, such as lighting the chalice and sharing joys and concerns, listen to and act out stories, share their ideas, and engage in games, arts & crafts, and social justice activities.

During the school year, the UU Kids class, along with the whole church, will explore a new theme each month digging deeper into religious and spiritual ideas and practices.

  • September 2023 – The Gift of Welcome
  • October 2023 – The Gift of Heritage
  • November 2023 – The Gift of Generosity
  • December 2023 – The Gift of Mystery
  • January 2024 – The Gift of Liberating Love
  • February 2024 – The Gifts of Justice & Equity
  • March 2024 – The Gift of Transformation
  • April 2024 – The Gift of Interdependence
  • May 2024 – The Gift of Pluralism
  • June 2024 – The Gift of Renewal

During the summer the children will engage with adults in our congregation using the Can Do Summer curriculum with fun lessons on: Fairy Houses, Paper Airplanes, Fishy Things, Blanket Forts, Body Percussion, Junk Sculpture, Obstacle Course, Toothpick Architecture, and Mini Golf.