Memorial Day

This Sunday Military Chaplain Jake Hearen will lead us in a celebration of Memorial Day and explore similar traditions across diverse cultures.

Jake Hearen is an indigenous UU Chaplain Candidate in the Army Reserves and Minister aspirant originally from Austin, TX. He has lived and served … read more.

The Plight of the Transgender Community

This Sunday Rev. Edie Love will share about the challenges faced by the transgender community as they have been targeted by politicians, the media, and people in our communities for derision and violence, and how they push through the hatred to love themselves and dare … read more.

Soapbox Sunday 2022

This Sunday we will celebrate our annual tradition of Soap Box Sunday, a unique UUJXN service created by our late member Fran Leber.

Soap Box Sunday is held on the Sunday closest to July 4th and is an opportunity to exercise our Unitarian Universalist … read more.