UUCJ supports our members and friends in translating our principles into action. We promotes justice, equity and compassion in human relations and cultivate a respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. These deeply held principles inform our practices of caring for ourselves, our members and friends, and our shared spaces. 


UUCJ has several ways to create lasting memorials for members, friends, and family members, including recognition on our memorial plague, plantings in our memorial garden, and through named donations of hymnals, artwork and furnishings.

Please contact the LOV Ministry Team to memorialize those important to you.

Green Chalice 1Green Practices

UUCJ encourages responsible and sustainable practices that acknowledge and respect our interdependent web of existence. UUCJ has onsite recycling drop-off and composting and contacts to community-supported agriculture that use sustainable practices. Please contact a member of our LOV Ministry Team to find ways you can become more engaged in responsible stewardship and reduce your footprint on our world.