Love is the spirit of this church,

and service is its law.

This is our great covenant:

To dwell together in peace,

To seek the truth in love,

And to help one another.

— James Vila Blake

Unitarian Universalism is an experiential active faith tradition rooted in deeds not creeds. We are not only a people of heads and hearts but also of hands.

To live out the mission of this church we need everyone to work for justice and serve with love. Bob Keller, 1st Board Trustee, serves as the Volunteer Coordinator. If you are not sure how to contribute or you need assistance with ministries, please speak to him to get connected.

Current volunteer opportunities are listed below:

Ongoing Sunday Morning Needs

  • Hospitality: Please sign up here!
    • Bring snacks, such as pastries, cookies, and/or fruit to share.
    • Bring juice and cups.
    • Bring coffee and creamer.
    • Set up and clean up the kitchen
  • Religious Education – UU Kids Class:
    • Lead or co-lead the elementary children’s class, including opening rituals, storytelling, discussion, and activity choice (lessons and materials are available)
  • Religious Education – YUUTH Class:
    • Lead or co-lead the middle/high school youth class, including opening rituals, story/media, discussion, and activity choice
  • Worship Assistance:
    • Perform chalice lightings, readings, and/or meditations.
    • Lead or co-lead signing.
    • Sing and/or play music.
    • Provide technical support for in person services (cameras and microphones) and hybrid participation via Zoom
  • CareRing:
    • Provide transportation to and from church for service

Ongoing Needs: Weeknights/Weekends

  • Community Garden and Water Ministry: Sign up here to be a part of the Community Garden and/or Water Ministry team
    • Assist with planning, preparing, planting, watering, weeding, and harvesting vegetables and fruits.
    • Assist with distributing water to those in need and work to restore our well for ongoing access to clean drinking water.
  • Religious Education – Adult Classes:
    • Lead or co-lead adults in learning together (topics vary, typical classes last for 4-10 weeks)
    • Lead or co-lead a session of new member classes
  • CareRing:
    • Share cards or personal notes
    • Visit members and friends who are sick or shut-in
    • Prepare and share meals for those in need
    • Send flowers for those in hospital or as memorials
    • Provide transportation for needed trips (doctor visits, shopping)
  • Building Maintenance:
    • Assist with cleaning
    • Minor repair work to fixtures, including minor plumbing and electrical work
    • Painting interiors and exteriors.
  • Grounds Maintenance:
    • Plant and maintain the flowerbeds
    • Assist with raking and maintaining the lawn
    • Assist with planning, planting, and maintaining the Memorial Garden.
  • Social Justice:
    • Learn and share about social justice issues from the UUA, UUSC, or other affiliated UU initiatives.
    • Participate on local social justice groups and engage members in local social justice work.
    • Lead or co-lead forums or adult/yuuth classes on social justice topics.
    • Lead or co-lead a social justice book circle selection.