Whoever you are, whatever your life experiences, wherever you are on your spiritual and personal path, know that you are welcome at UUCJ! We are a liberal religious community that is united not by one belief but by our commitment to one another. We are inspired by Unitarian minister Francis Francis Dávid who said, “We do not need to think alike to love alike!”


Join us for Weekly Fellowship

Each Sunday at 10:30 a.m., we gather virtually and in person for conversation and connection. Pour a cup of coffee (or your breakfast beverage of choice), log onto our Zoom site or gather with us at 3209 N. West Street, and join in the conversation in Coffee Fellowship. You can find the link on the Upcoming Services page.

Everyone is welcome to participate!

Check out the Upcoming Events to see what else is happening this week.

Find Your Community

Throughout the year there are many opportunities to form meaningful and lasting relationships with a diverse community. UUJXN not only celebrates holidays and holy days together but also plans special times just to get together for food, conversation, music, and stories. Join us for no-pressure potlucks, picnics, and campfire circles. When you’re ready to form deeper relationships, join a Journey Group that meets regularly to explore the big questions of life together.



Check out Upcoming Events to see opportunities to join in community, learn together, put your values into action, and promote justice in the world!