Blending of the Waters

Blending of the Waters is an annual celebration for many UU churches. We gather water from a place that is meaningful to us, then bring that water together and mingle it with others’ water. We keep a little from each year to seed the new water. The waters represent the many coming together. The “I” becomes a “We,” and the “We” evolves into a much grander “Us.” The waters from place to place represent our interdependence and our commitment to the Beloved Community. We are individuals, yes, but we are also dependent on each other. No one person is an island unto themselves.

This year has been difficult. COVID-19 and the call to socially distance has stretched our community. For many of us, this has been a difficult time, wrought with frustration. For some, it was respite from a chaotic world. Then for others’ who were not given the chance to work from home, it has been busy and stressful.

The leadership of the church has struggled to provide–to the best of our ability–services that meet the need for connection and for respite. We’ve had to adapt at a rate quicker than we’ve ever had to adapt to anything in the past. I believe this will leave us a stronger and more resilient congregation, but that doesn’t change the storm we weather now.

As a congregation, we are the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. Maybe we are the Mississippi River and the Nile. Or the Ohio river and the Rio Grande. We are divided, unable to touch, except for the knowledge that no matter the distance, all water returns to itself, and so will we. But then, what does that leave for our service, Blending of the Waters?

This service will be over Zoom and unrecorded. We know Zoom can have a steep learning curve, and we are trying to manage that, but due to the personal nature of this service, it will be hard for some to share their thoughts if they are posted online. Although many of you depend on the uploaded services, please join with us online for this special service at 11:00 this Sunday.

Service Instructions: 

Please collect your water at home, share the story of your water together with us, and keep it, so we can mingle them together, as a special service, when we return to in person gatherings. The water you set aside for this service will then represent something more–a promise to return together.

This service will be online. Join us on Zoom at 10:30 am for Virtual Coffee Time to catch up with each other and chat. Then join the Sunday service at 11:00 am.
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