Topic: Theme: Renewal

Mabon: A Time of Balance and Care

This Sunday we celebrate the second harvest celebration of the trinity in the Wheel of the Year. Mabon (Autumnal Equinox, giving thanks for the fruits of the earth). The first of this trinity was Lammas (Sept 1st: loaf mass when pagans would bring their loaves … read more.

Reflecting on Rebirth

Human beings often reflect on the cycle of life. Unitarian Universalist Minister Forest Church often noted religion involves learning how to live while knowing we will one day die. Though that thought may seem macabre, we cannot ignore the life/death cycle. We depend on it. … read more.


This Sunday, we welcome the members and friends of Our Home Universalist Unitarian Church (Ellisville, MS) to our morning service for an ecumenical sharing.

Jim Becker, UUCJ Exploring Our Beliefs Ministry Team co-chair and Pastor Emeritus of Safe Harbor Family Church (a UCC affiliate), will lead … read more.