A New Beginning: 2021 Time-Talent-Treasure Pledge Drive Results

THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO PLEDGED! This year we received 19 pledge units (individuals or families) representing 27 members. Members pledged their time to participate on the Ministry Teams: Welcoming Community (2 members), Exploring Our Beliefs (9 members), Living Our Values (5 members), and Changing Our World (8 members). Talents pledged include performances by musicians and singers, fundraising and grant writing, and various crafts. The total Treasure Pledges equaled $44,620.

If you were not able to submit your pledge for 2021 yet, please complete your pledges online at https://www.uujackson.org/time-talent-treasure-2021/. If you are interested in pledging your time to work with one of the Ministry Teams, please contact the Team facilitator found at: https://www.uujackson.org/about-uus/our-councils-teams-taskforces/