In addition to our Board of Trustees, UUCJ has additional Councils, Committees, and Task Forces which support the health of our community:


Ministry Council

The Ministry Council, co-led by our Minister and President-Elect, meets throughout the year to coordinate the ministry activities of UUCJ. The Ministry Council consists of the chairs of the various Ministry Teams:

Welcoming Community

The Welcoming Community Ministry Team is responsible for outreach, greeting guests, hospitality, welcoming new members and friends, and social activities. The Team is facilitated by Stacy Callender with assistance from Natalie Maynor. See the Welcoming Community page for more information.

Exploring Our Beliefs

The Exploring Our Beliefs Ministry Team is responsible for Sunday services, lifespan religious education, and affinity groups. The Team facilitated by Jim Becker with assistance from Eric Wood, Bob Keller, Laurie Roberts, Patricia Ice, Zeke Morgan, Yolanda Walker, Lisa Dunn, Lisa Hill, and Stacy Callender. See the Exploring Our Beliefs page for more information.

Living Our Values

The Living Our Values Ministry Team is responsible for caring for members and friends in need, memorials and remembrance, promoting responsible and open communication in our congregation, ethical practices in our congregation, and ecological stewardship of our facilities and grounds. The Team facilitated by Eric Wood and Lisa Dunn with assistance from Patricia Ice, Alexandra and Frank Rosenblatt, Amanda Dear, Cheryl Lynn, Ethan Helton, Lisa Hill, Judy Williams, and Stacy Callender. See the Living Our Values page for more information.

Changing Our World

The Changing Our World Ministry Team is responsible for promoting social justice in our world, organizing social action events for members and friends, and collaborating in interfaith and allied action. The Team is facilitated by Katie Coates, Patricia Ice, Natalie Maynor, Laurie Roberts, Alexandra and Frank Rosenblatt, Yolanda Walker, Lisa Dunn, Eric Wood, and Stacy Callender. See the Changing Our World page for more information.


Calm Council

The Calm Council supports a healthy and safe church community by providing guidance in situations involving interpersonal conflict among members, friends, and/or groups and allegations of violations of the UUCJ Behavioral Covenant. The CALM Council consists of three members in good standing, who are not on the Board, elected annually at the Spring Biannual Meeting. The current members are: Jim Becker, Lisa Kersen, and Judy Williams.


Ministerial Relations Council

The MRC supports the needs of the minister and maintains communication between the minister and the congregation. The MRC conducts an annual evaluation of the minister-congregation relationship and reviews the minister’s contract, including job description, covenant, and other terms, including compensation, and recommend revisions to the Board, as needed. The MRC consists of three members in good standing, who are not on the Board, appointed by the President and Minister. The current members are: Jill Morgan (Chair), Kristen Golden, and Jim Becker.


Leadership Development Council

The LDC supports the development of quality leadership with the UUCJ and provides a slate of candidates to fill all elected positions. The LDC consists of the Past President and three members in good standing, who are not on the Board, who serve three-year staggered terms, with one new member elected each year at the Spring Biannual Meeting. Please contact the LDC if you are interested in becoming a leader or need assistance in your role serving the congregation. The current members are: Eric Wood (Chair), Jill Morgan, and Joe Clayton.


Personnel Council

The Personnel Council hires and supervises all staff of the UUCJ. The Personnel Council develops and revises the duties and responsibilities for each position as well as determines appropriate staff compensation. The Personnel Council consists of the elected officers of the Board. Please contact the Personnel Council if you need more information about staff positions with the UUCJ. The current members are: Stacy Callender (Chair), Eric Wood, David Morgan, and David Voisin.


Committee for Right Race Relations

Oppression is a reality of the world that we live in, and so it’s present and active in our community as well. The Committee for Right Race Relations has been appointed by the Board to help ensure we are welcoming, inclusive, respectful, and in right relations with one another. The Committee for Right Race Relations will provide feedback and guidance to the Minister, Board, Councils, Task Forces, other Committees, and the congregation as a whole on how we build and maintain relationships and ensure the voices of people of color are heard. The current chair is Kayla Roberts, Yolanda Walker, and Aloni Jefferson.