Author: UUJXN

2023 Time-Talent-Treasure Pledge


2023 will be a year of building and rebuilding!

This year we will focus on:
* Renovating our facilities
* Deeping our connections
* Engaging our community

We intend to embark on work to renovate our buildings, reestablish our well water … read more.

UUJXN Ministry Survey

The Ministerial Search Committee has released a survey for members and friends to describe themselves, their experience at the UUJXN, and what is most important to them as the congregation considers a search for professional ministry. The survey will help leaders determine next steps in … read more.

Jackson Water Crisis

As we know, the current water crisis in Jackson has been decades in the making! Years of neglect and temporary patches instead of substantial investment in long-term solutions have gotten us here. UUJXN wants to be a part of long-term meaningful change in our community!

SHORT-TERM … read more.