UUWomenspirit 2020

Unitarian Universalist Womenspirit is hosting it’s first virtual weekend gathering October 16 – 18. Registration for Everyday Sacred is now open! To view details of the virtual weekend gathering, check out the brochure, or visit the UUWomenspirit website.

If you wish to register for the event, link to Campwise. You can also contact the event registrar at uuwomenspirit@gmail.com for assistance with registration.

UUWomenspirit is a biannual spiritual retreat for women from all walks of life. The gatherings recognize women journey on varied paths to Spirit: earth-based, indigenous tribal, Christian, Hebrew, Wiccan, Buddhist, and more. The gatherings honor the manifestation of the Feminine Divine in our own deep beings, in each other, and in the world around us.

​UUWomenspirit recognizes and celebrates the four ages of Woman: the Maiden, whose curiosity and boundless energy propel her towards discovery; the Mother, whose endurance and nurturing comfort all; the Warrior, whose passion and strength protect what is vital for the greatest good; and the Crone, whose wisdom and patience bring a wise perspective to us all. Each passage teaches us and those around us.