Soul Matters – Digging Deep

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Beginning in September, UUCJ will join Unitarian Universalist Congregations around the country in implementing Soul Matters monthly thematic exploration. By weaving each month’s theme into our worship, religious exploration, and small groups we will enable parents, children, and the whole church to engage in a spiritual journey together each month.

Soul Matters materials will allow us to experience a theme, by not just analyzing or talking about it, but by practicing and living out our values in ways that connect our minds, bodies, and spirits. Each month, UUCJ will share a new theme by asking the question “What does it mean to be a people of ____________?” and provide opportunities for individuals, small groups, and the whole church to engage in spiritual practices and reflect on sacred language. Throughout the month, we will be able to dig deeper into who we are as Unitarian Universalists who create community, explore beliefs, live out our values, and change our world.

2019-2020 Themes

September:  Expectation
October:  Belonging
November:  Attention
December:  Awe
January:  Integrity
February:  Resilience
March:  Wisdom
April:  Liberation
May:  Thresholds
​June:  Play