The Dollars and Cents of Creating Community

coins in a planter with a plant growing out of it

Please join us this Sunday for a hybrid service led by Rev. Justin McCreary! You may attend in person if you’ve been vaccinated and are willing to wear a mask. Please contact Rev. Justin McCreary through email or Facebook to reserve your seat. Otherwise, you may attend virtually using the online meeting information below.

When I was a child, I remember saying to my father, “That’s not fair!” My father would respond, “Life’s not fair.” His response wasn’t callous or mean, it was just a statement of fact regarding the world my father knew. In that life I learned that we have to make hard choices about what we can and cannot do based on what we have, and for us that was generally financial. As I grew older, I began to echo this sentiment to younger people saying, “Life’s not fair,” but it never felt right.

Over the years I reflected on this statement and pushed it through the requirements of my faith, and I realized that truth was not to echo this sentiment, but make an addendum, “Life’s not fair, but we can work on that.”

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