Topic: Theme: Cultivating Relationships

“Ouch,” “Sorry,” “Help.”

“Ouch,” “Sorry,” “Help.” I have found these three simple words to be helpful in this time of difficulty, loss and change that we are all in. When someone says “ouch” either directly or indirectly, it is not always obvious what is hurting. Slowly, oh so … read more.

The Dollars and Cents of Creating Community

Please join us this Sunday for a hybrid service led by Rev. Justin McCreary! You may attend in person if you’ve been vaccinated and are willing to wear a mask. Please contact Rev. Justin McCreary through email or Facebook to reserve your seat. Otherwise, you … read more.

The Punk Rock Nature of Vulnerability

I know what you’re thinking: “Justin’s going to talk about Punk Rock, and I don’t like Punk Rock!” Don’t worry; I’m not. But I will say this, Punk Rock and the Punk movement is about being counter-cultural. It’s about NOT fitting in. As I research … read more.