Nevertheless, She Persisted: An Introduction to Imbolc

As the wheel moves forward, we enter a time some call Candlemas, others Imbolc. The meaning is generally the same, the seasons are changing, the days are growing longer, and the land is beginning to give way to new growth. Neither the Earth nor the Trees died under the frost of winter and the lack of Sun, they have lain in rest, in preparation for what is to come. The Earth is resilient, as are we. Imbolc teaches us that we can be just as resilient and persistent as the earth, for we are of the Earth and to the Earth we will one day return.

As Tom Bombadil reminds us, “Eat Earth, did deep, drink water,” However, it is not time to sleep, it is time to wake for we are to be at the business of Unitarian Universalism, the business of justice, hope, and resilience. This Sunday we will look at figures who have resisted and persisted, to give us hope.

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