Easter Flower Communion 2022: Awakening to Wonder and Beauty

bundles of assorted flowers

Please see our policy for in person attendance.

Everywhere we turn, flowers are blooming with the wonder and beauty of Spring. The earth is alive and healing from the ravages of winter. At this time we come together as Unitarian Universalists to celebrate Easter with flowers, food, and fellowship.

After two years of not being able to be together, we celebrate this ritual of coming together and awakening to beauty, wonder, and healing. In this ceremony, everyone brings a flower of their choosing and places it in shared vases on the altar. After the flowers are blessed, each person comes forward to select a different flower than the one they brought, appreciating the shared beauty and community in the exchange. Please bring a flower to share in this ritual.

Rev. Justin McCreary and others will lead us in celebrating our new day together again.

     Order of Service

  • Prelude – Baba Asante/Lisa Dunn
  • Opening Words – Rev. Justin M McCreary
  • Hymn – 349 We Gather Together
  • Chalice Lighting – Snowdancer
  • Story for All Ages – “The Scratched Diamond” – Stacy Callender
  • Hymn – 118 This Little Light of Mine
  • Meditation – Snowdancer, Lisa Dunn, Baba Asante
  • Litany – After “He Is Risen” – Rev. Justin M McCreary
  • Hymn – 346 Come Sing a Song With Me
  • Hymn – 95 There Is More Love Somewhere
  • Offering and Offertory – Excerpts from Menuet in D minor & Prelude in G Major – Rev. Justin M McCreary, Igor Iwanek
  • Reading – John 20:11-18
  • Hymn – 301 Touch the Earth and Reach the Sky
  • Homily – Rev. Justin McCreary
  • Anthem – Eight Memories in Watercolor – Anabel Morgan
  • Flower Communion – Snowdancer
  • Music – Raga Basant (Invocation to the Mother) – Igor Iwanek
  • Extinguishing the Chalice

Due to the weather forecast, this service will be held in the South Warehouse (Barrel Vault) Event Space. Please park along West Street or Hatfield Street and enter the South Warehouse.

After the service, we will have an Easter Egg Hunt and a picnic lunch. Due to COVID restrictions, we will not share in a potluck luncheon; however, we will have individually prepared boxed lunches for guests and those who do not bring their own picnic lunch. 

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