Blending of the Waters & Transition Sunday

goldfish leaping from smaller fishbowl to larger fishbowl

Please join us for a very special Blending of the Waters Annual Water Communion service as we connect our past and our future by transitioning to our new location!

This service presents our annual celebration of Blending of the Waters. We celebrate our past year as families, as a church, and as extended relationships. We combine the waters from our many travels and we save back some of the waters from past year.

In addition, this service will be our transition service to our new building. Today’s service will begin at 4866 North State Street, our home for 50 years, and end at our new home on 3209 North West Street, to kick off our next 50 years and beyond! All members and friends, past and present, are encouraged to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime event!

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