September 25, 2016

meditation in indonesia9:30 a.m. — Adult RE: Spirit of Life: Exploring Spirituality for Unitarian Universalists, led by Stacy Callender

Join us for the final session of our introductory course exploring Unitarian Universalist spirituality. Using the song “Spirit of Life” as a guide, each session has focused on a different aspect of spiritual life. In this session, “Come Unto Me,” we reflect on the fruits of exploring our spirituality, consider ways to share our gifts, and identify the support needed for ongoing spiritual development. (NOTE: This session will be held in the Newman Religious Education Building.)

uu coffee mug10:30 a.m. — Coffee Fellowship: Hospitality Team

Join us for a cup of coffee, a snack, and interesting conversations!

roots-and-wings11:00 a.m. – Service:  Roots and Wings, led by Stacy Callender

Each of our personal spiritualities is shaped by our roots, traditions, and heritage, by our role models, mentors, and teachers, and our life experiences. Unitarian Universalism affirms not only the importance of these traditions but also that religious truth is continually being revealed to us—not just to a select group of religious founders long ago. At UUCJ, we learn from one another and encourage spiritual growth in a free and responsible search for truth to deepen our understanding and expand our vision assured that strength, power, and possibilities always lie before us. Join us as we explore how Unitarian Universalism provides us both roots and wings.

11:00 a.m. – Religious Exploration:

  • Chalice Children (ages 5-8): World of Wonder – The Chalice Children will explore our Unitarian Universalist 7th Principle instilling respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part and appreciation for its beauty, excitement, and mystery.
  • U.U. Kids (ages 9-14): Amazing Grace: Exploring Right and Wrong – Through stories, discussion, and varied activities, the U.U. Kids will develop their own moral compass to guide them on the path toward becoming empathetic and responsible teenagers and adults.
  • YUUth (ages 15-17): Cosmos – The YUUth will watch and discuss the original series covering a wide range of scientific subjects, including the origin of life and a perspective of our place in the universe.

Lunch Bunch (2)Childcare is available from 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

12:30 p.m. – Lunch Bunch

Join us at a local restaurant for food and fellowship!