October 16, 2016

supportrj-300x2009:30 a.m. — Adult RE: Reproductive Justice: Expanding Our Social Justice Calling, led by Laurie Bertram Roberts, Sarah Roberts, Kayla Roberts, and Yolanda Walker.

Rooted in our religious history and theological callings, this 6-week series explores reproductive “health,” “rights,” and “justice”; opens awareness of reproductive oppression; offers opportunities to learn about ourselves and each other as sexual and reproductive beings; and equips us to move forward, out into the world, with integrity and vision. This session explores reproductive oppression through stories and describes an intersectional approach of reproductive justice.

uu coffee mug10:30 a.m. — Coffee Fellowship: Hospitality Team

Join us for a cup of coffee, a snack, and interesting conversations!

comingout-211:00 a.m. – Service: Come Out: Who Done Did It?, led by Jim Becker

I will not belittle coming out under the LGBTQ umbrella, mainly because it is still something the LGBTQ community owns as their own. There are those that would say, “I don’t see color;” or “I don’t see gay or straight;” or “I’ve come out of things before, so it is not just y’all and it’s not a big deal;” well, I beg to differ with anyone being so crass. Let’s explore what coming out means to the LGBTQ community and why it is still very important to own such a day we have each October 11th.

11:00 a.m. – Religious Exploration:

  • Chalice Children (ages 5-8): Wonderful Welcome – Through stories, song, guided play, and arts and crafts, the Chalice Children will explore and share the intangible gifts of welcoming central to Unitarian Universalism such as kindness, love, friendship, hospitality, and fairness.
  • U.U. Kids (ages 9-14): Amazing Grace: Exploring Right and Wrong – Through stories, discussion, and activities, the U.U. Kids will develop their own moral compass to guide them on the path toward becoming empathetic and responsible teenagers and adults.
  • YUUth (ages 15-17): The YUUth class will not meet. All youth are invited to attend the service.

Childcare is available from 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Potluck212:30 p.m. – Monthly Potluck Luncheon

Bring your favorite fall dish or “fair” food to share! Let’s enjoy the best of the season with food and fellowship!