Reflection Group: Your Question

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Date(s) - 11/24/2019
9:30 am - 10:30 am

UUCJ - New Building


Earlier this month, the following reflection questions were shared about this month’s theme: Attention. This Sunday, we will take time to share the one question you have identified as speaking to you the most, i.e., “your” question. How do you answer it? What does that say to you? What did the question get you to notice or remember?

Reflection Questions

  1. Who was the first person in your life to offer you their attention, without adding their advice?
  2. Who in your life needs you to offer them the gift of attention without advice?
  3. Would you be pleased if your gravestone read: “She attended well to a few worthy things”?
  4. When you were young, did your family teach you to look away from uncomfortable truths or to call attention to them?
  5. Is it time to look upon yourself with a bit more tenderness?
  6. Where in your life would it help to say, ‘Look what’s happening!’ rather than ‘Look what’s happening to me!’?
  7. Have you ever given your attention so deeply to something that you suddenly felt one with it?
  8. Has looking ever made the world suddenly seem magical to you? Do you miss that magic?
  9. Have you become too good at staying focused on the wrongs done to you?
  10. Gurus and psychologists alike tell us that we become what we give our attention to. What has more of your attention – and more of yourself – than you want?
  11. When was the last time you let your attention linger on beauty? Did you keep your gaze there long enough to feel changed? Or to hear it speak to you?
  12. Something has been pulling at your attention lately. Do you know why?
  13. Is it time to pay a bit less attention to what you hope your life will be?
  14. When growing up, what one thing above all others did your family tell you was worthy of attention? Beauty? Duty? Kindness? Honesty? Education? Loyalty? Success? God?
  15. What in your life is hungry to be noticed?