CUUPS Full Moon Celebration: March

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Date(s) - 03/07/2020
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

UUCJ Sanctuary


Hosted by Phoenix of the Grove Chapter of CUUPS at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Jackson

Each month we celebrate the full moon outdoors, weather permitting, or indoors with stories, rituals, drumming, dancing, communion, and meditation. This celebration is a family friendly event followed by a potluck filled with good conversation. Please dress as you like, bring a dish to share, if you can, and bring any item(s) to place on the altar to be blessed, cleansed, charged and/or enchanted as we welcome the energy from the moon into our lives.

This is a free event but donations to the UUCJ are accepted.

This month, the OEL (The Order of Eternal Light) has been invited to host:

The Storm Full Moon Ritual and Ostara Awakening

March Full Moon names: Storm, Worm, Crow, Seed, Sap, and Ash.

Awakening to Transformation

As nature bursts forth around us, it also awakens within us. But to awaken and begin transformation, there usually is great upheaval, a kind of Storm, both literal and spiritual. February’s Full Moon waned and began waxing into March’s Full Moon, bringing the powerful storms of lightning, thunder, and unprecedented rainfall.

March’s full Moon is the last full moon of Winter and we begin to prepare for Spring at the Equinox. It is also the first Full Supermoon of the year! As we approach the balance of Night and Day, we fully cast aside the cloak of Winter and all the struggles we faced and endured. It is time to ignite the coals held deep within us from Yule. Let us look up in the sky and bask in the Moon’s full radiance, holding promise that each day forward the sun will warm us, bring seeds to plant, and growth to all things. The cycles of the Moon remind us that there is perpetual renewal. Now let us hold this March Full Supermoon’s Awakening light within us and begin to deeply feel the great changes, the Transformations, soon to come.

May we not just acknowledge the renewal of nature around us, but endeavor to understand the turning of the Great Wheel. It is the cycles, phases, and orbits of the Earth and Moon in relation to the Sun which affect us most closely- how most Pagans ritually divide the day, month, and year. We must not just name and observe them, we need to reach deep within ourselves to awaken our Spirit to the changes and transform what is there into consciousness, into being. Hopefully it is then when we may begin to truly connect, not just Nature’s cycles to our own, but ourselves to the Universe. And so may we now look towards March’s Full Supermoon to illuminate our awakening and begin our transformation!