August’s Full Moon Celebration

Full moon with fish image
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Date(s) - 08/16/2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Unitarian Universalist Church of Jackson - New Location


The ritual will be outside in our beautiful green space, and potluck will be inside under the A/C. It is an open circle, and children are welcome. (Parents are still responsible for the safety of their kids)

We love having eclectic rituals, with each participant adding their own flavor. Eric made a list of parts, so please think about taking one of these parts to help build a beautiful full moon ritual. No restrictions or scripts to follow! Make the part totally you. Please volunteers to participate, post below if you see something you would like to do. Also, bring something to put on the altar if you are moved to do so.

We will be singing/chanting/drumming/dancing to raise energy. Bring whatever instruments you like to use to raise energy – drums rattles, anything! 😉

1) Casting the circle/ creating sacred space with a moment of holding hands, drumming, and breathing in togetherness

2) Welcoming and dismissing the Elements –

3) Welcoming and dismissing the Spirits (god, goddess, great spirit, ancestors, etc) –

4) Discussing the August full moon, its energies and thoughts on what to align with this season.

5) Raising energy through dance, drumming, etc.- Everyone!

6) Drawing down the moon’s energy –

7) Meditation, chant, dance in honor of the moon and its energy-

8) thanking the spirits and elements –

9) gathering together to take the energy/ healing we need and releasing the rest.

10) Releasing the circle/ opening sacred space again.

And PLEASE don’t forget potluck!