Topic: Theme: Vulnerability

“Bring-a-Friend” Brunch Church

This Sunday, our service will be a communal experience of sharing good conversations and good food among friends. Mix with old friends and make new friends, as we explore this month’s theme: the path of vulnerability. Invite a friend and bring your favorite dish to share for the brunch communion. Sign up at Perfect Potluck … Continue reading “Bring-a-Friend” Brunch Church

Reflections of a UU Humanist

One of the main themes of Unitarian Universalism (UU) is that life has a journey quality. Every Unitarian Universalist may have his/her/their unique spiritual journey. To appreciate the diverse spiritual background within our UU congregation, we often offer opportunities for members and friends to share their spiritual journeys. Humanism is one of the sources of … Continue reading Reflections of a UU Humanist