Thresholds As Opportunities

If a threshold is an opportunity for change, we have the opportunity of our lives! Let us keep dreaming of the world we would all love to be in.

Join us this Sunday for a message on our opportunity for change led by Rev. Gail Stratton, a Unitarian Universalist minister, long-time resident of Mississippi, and former Biology Instructor. Rev. Stratton seeks to grow in loving the world and living her values of acknowledging our connections with each other and our complete dependence on the natural world. As a stubborn optimist, she knows we can do a better job of loving the hell out of this country.

NOTE: This Sunday we will join on Zoom at 10:30 am for Virtual Coffee Time to catch up with each other and chat. Then stay online for the Sunday Service at 11:00 am. To join on Zoom click here or watch our broadcast live on our Facebook group: UUJackson