The Light at the End of 2020

The light at the end of 2020. Here’s the question, if light is coming towards us, is it a good thing or a bad thing? Would it be the light of better days, or of an angry mob of polo shirt wearing white supremacists?

The open-endedness of the pandemic as well as the other stresses of 2020 make it challenging to feel optimistic. Additionally, the concept of ‘light’ being positive and ‘dark’ being negative is problematic. Let’s explore what we have been through, and what the future may hold. How can all of us heal from the collective trauma otherwise known as the Great Dumpster Fire Called 2020?

The service will be led by Reverend Edith A. Love, a Unitarian Universalist minister who feels her calling is to work towards love and justice. She is the founder of the Church of Resistance, a deliberately inclusive community of seekers. She believes all people are her people, the streets are her parish, and everywhere we are, we stand on holy ground.

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