Taking a Seat in the Cottage of Lost Play

I felt very strongly in the beginning of my UU journey we ought to reclaim language stolen from us by fundamentalism. I preached often of faith, hope, and love. I spoke from my bleeding heart about prayer and God from an honest place of agnosticism. Years later, I find myself in a strange new world where this language is given the freedom to ebb and flow through the attics of my mind.

It’s funny the difference 7 years makes. Now, I search for something different, yet equally lost. I have spent these years watching children spend their days wishing they were adults, and adults spend their time once again wishing they were children. We live in a world where adulthood can feel equally toxic as any other aspect western culture. So, this Sunday, I will reflect on this month’s theme, PLAY, and in doing so begin the journey of what was lost.

–Rev. Justin McCreary