Seeking the Beloved Community Within as Well as Without

Rev. Gail Tapscott

As we seek to enhance our skills in moving in the direction of ever more inclusive communities, we often neglect the key component of understanding and making peace with the multiple voices and perspectives that exist in our own psychic make up. Surely understanding ourselves better is key to building better communication with other individuals and groups. Rev. Gail Tapscott will talk about some tools for moving in this direction.

Rev. Gail Tapscott is a semi-retired UU minister and former professor of World Religions and Critical Thinking who resides in Oxford, MS and frequently offers services at both UU Oxford and UU Tupelo . She has previously visited with the Jackson UU Congregation . This time she will be drawing on her training in Spiritual Psychology at the Concord Institute in MA more than on her M. Div. From Harvard.

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