Push Play to Begin: Exploring Barriers to Play

Many of you know I also have a dog named Delta and a Cat named Skully. Now I am watching my stepdaughter’s dog Bella. At the moment I write this, the two dogs are under my desk playing with each other while the cat sits behind me howling. I am inclined to tell my friends to go somewhere else to play. It could be appropriate to say such a thing as I do have a sermon to write. But instead, I just let them figure it out on their own.

As they play with each other, it makes me reflect on the barriers to play I grew up with. Some of them were for safety, and some were for the comfort of others. I wonder what it would look like if we overcame these barriers to play. Tune in this Sunday to find out as Rev. Justin McCreary leads us in exploring our monthly theme of play.

Important Note: This service will be livestreamed on Zoom with a new system, so please bear with us.