Hold on Loosely, but Don’t Let Go: Our Creative Journey

This week we will be exploring creativity and how the concept of play informs our artistic and spiritual practice. We will be at tables with art supplies. We will use inspiration from the book Art and Fear by David Bales.

When one enters the realm of deep play, the sacred playground where only the present
moment matters, one’s history and future vanish. One doesn’t remember one’s past, needs, expectations, worries, real or imaginary sins. The deep-play world is fresh, wholly absorbing, and full of its own unique wisdom and demands. Being able to temporarily step outside of normal life—while keeping one’s senses alert — is indeed like being reborn. To erase all memories and yearnings — to be vigorously alive without self-awareness — can provide a brief return to innocence.

~ Diane Ackerman

Zoom Info:
If you are unable to attend in person, you may participate ONLINE.

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