In Search of Joy and the Open Hand

view from speeding rollercoaster

Famously, a Japanese amusement park made a special request to help stop the progression of COVID-19, don’t vocalize your joy on a roller coaster, “Please scream in your heart.” I think I can speak for many people when I say, “We’ve been doing that since the beginning of 2020.” The news cycle has not been much better, because it seems we can’t be left to simply focus on a pandemic. Every aspect of this year has felt like a roller coaster, but not the fun kind. 2020 reads like the beginning of an Edgar Allen Poe story. Somewhere between The Mask of the Red Death and Never Bet the Devil Your Head. I know that this isn’t a Poe story, and we will move forward somehow, but it’s easy to think all is lost.

Even though it has been a hard time for everyone, it does not mean we haven’t laughed. And even though it can be hard to find, it doesn’t mean we haven’t found joy. We’ve had to look for joy in the simple things. So, come with me this week to reflect on our search for joy.

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