Homecoming 2023: Part One, Our History

Our speaker scheduled for this Sunday, Dr. Tom Kersen, had a previous commitment and can not be with us. However, Dr. Kersen will join us on September 10th with a presentation showing us how UUJXN has been a hinge for social justice issues and liberal religious thought in the Greater Jackson area and the State.

Even though Dr. Kersen cannot join us this Sunday, we will still have a joyous coming together with our new monthly theme called: WELCOME

In 28 years (2051), we break the century mark! Let’s begin to bring items for a 100th Anniversary Time Capsule Opening. September 7, is our 72nd anniversary and what better time to start a collection of materials for such. Thanks, Eric Wood for suggesting this wonderful idea!

Throughout August, we have had Snowdancer and others talk to us about new horizons, ventures, visions and dreams. The leadership talked to us about positive visions and dreams for the future. Rev. Love brought us a timely discussion on visioning the future. Now it is time to hear people’s personal history of the church and how UUJXN has affected their lives. Let’s hear from several of our longer term members speak about the history of this church. Perhaps there is a story to tell about some people who are no longer with us.

This is a holiday weekend; however, some of us may care to share our travels with each other. This is called Blending of the Waters. For those who miss this Sunday, we will continue to share Bending of the Waters on September 10.

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