Expectation and the Broken Reality

How many of our relationships break because of misunderstanding and confused expectations. Like an excited parent looking forward to giving a child a gift they worked hard to pick out, their child had their heart set on something else. The parent feels like they failed, and the child feels jilted. As children grow older, they learn to be polite, when given gifts they didn’t want or need, then one day when helping clean their room the parent finds the gift, still in its packaging, forgotten. Oh, how badly we feel when the gift given is not the gift expected.

This happens everywhere and at every stage of our lives. How many times we talk past each other because the response given to a statement was not the response expected. When statements heard were not the statements intended. I wonder sometimes, if we are just speaking a different language and what we could accomplish if we let go of expectations and let the moments of our lives be exactly that, moments. Sometimes life feels like a broken reality… but it doesn’t mean the break cannot be healed.

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