Embracing Our Differences and Commonalities

As children explore each other and are very accepting of differences and commonalties, what happens as we grow up? What causes us to move from acceptance to our individual cubbyholes or corners?

Ponder these words from Rev. Richard Gilbert:

“We are all more human than otherwise

The human race is a vast rainbow bursting into view
of white and black, red, yellow and brown…

Yet for all there are fingers to touch, hearts to break, eyes to cry, ears to hear, mouths to speak…

Boundaries divide us, lines drawn to mark our diversity, maps charted to separate the human race from itself.

Yet a mother’s grief, a father’s love, a child’s happy cry, a musician’s sound, an artist’s stroke, batter the boundaries and shatter the walls…”

How can we move to change this in our world? Join Rev Becker as we deal with these hard-to-solve issues.

If you are unable to attend in person, you may participate ONLINE.

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