Building Cities to LAST

This Sunday, Professor Jassen Callender, Director of the Mississippi State University School of Architecture Jackson Center, will discuss the essentials of building for a sustainable future. The talk will focus on Professor Callender’s 2021 book Building Cities to LAST: a practical guide to sustainable urbanism.

From the publisher:

Building Cities to LAST presents the myriad issues of sustainable urbanism in a clear and concise system, and supports holistic thinking about sustainable development in urban environments by providing four broad measures of urban sustainability: these are Lifecycle, Aesthetics, Scale, and Technology (LAST). This framework for understanding the relationship between these four measures and the essential types of infrastructure—grouped according to the basic human needs of Food, Shelter, Mobility, and Water—is laid out in a simple and easy-to-understand format. These broad measures and infrastructures address the city as a whole and as a recognizable pattern of human activity and, in turn, increase the ability of cities—and the human race—to LAST.

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