Brunch Church/Crafts Sunday: Vision Boards – Capturing Your Essence in the New Year

Kat Kalika will lead us in creating collage Vision Boards. BRING MAGAZINES, PUBLICATIONS, PAPERS, IMAGES, ETC., THAT YOU CAN CUT UP.

Everyone has something that they want to bring to life. But what if you can’t really see it? If you don’t have a vision and you’re struggling to pinpoint what you want and where you want to go, it is difficult to get traction. Without a clear vision, it’s hard to direct your efforts in ways that serve your goals. It’s also hard to attract the support and resources you need.

You might have heard people talk about manifestation, the idea that you can attract your dream vision into your life by thinking about it. In reality, our dreams don’t manifest on their own. Achieving your goals and realizing your potential takes work.

Vision boards are an amazing tool to help you create that focused vision and kickstart the real manifestation process.

What exactly are vision boards, and do they really work? Vision boards are all about intentions, and they are a great way to remind yourself of what your intentions are.

We will begin set up at 10:30 AM with meal served at 11:00 AM. Sign up at our Perfect Potluck page to bring items for brunch.

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