Request to Refrain from Counter-Protesting

Given the horrific violence in our nation’s capital last week, there is a real concern this violence might continue–not only in Washington, DC–but also in each state capital.

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Jackson has a long history of taking direct action to promote social justice; however, the leadership of UUCJ has joined with the UUA in asking members, friends, and affiliates to avoid counter-protesting in Jackson at this time, as counter-protesters may be targeted for violence. UUCJ leaders do not want anyone to get hurt.

Furthermore, though it may not be realistic to avoid the downtown Jackson completely, UUCJ leaders do ask you to step with care over the next few weeks.

We are all living through a difficult moment in our history, but together, we hope to weather this current storm and promote a more peaceful and just future.

–Rev. Justin M McCreary and UUCJ Board