Category: Stewardship

Save and Grow Our Mississippi UU Churches

In partnership, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Jackson (UUJXN) and the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Tupelo (UUCT) are seeking to create a shared ministry to grow and sustain our congregations and establish a new foundation for liberal religious exploration in Mississippi. By joining resources, UUJXN … read more.

2023 Time-Talent-Treasure Pledge


2023 will be a year of building and rebuilding!

This year we will focus on:
* Renovating our facilities
* Deeping our connections
* Engaging our community

We intend to embark on work to renovate our buildings, reestablish our well water … read more.

Make Your Time-Talent-Treasure Pledge for 2024

This coming year we will be breaking ground on our renovations and building new connections within our members, friends, and larger community.

We have already garnered generous support to enable our work to begin, but it will not be successful without YOU and your TIME, TALENTS, … read more.