UUCJ is a welcoming friendly community that inspires, supports, and connects people!

Katie Coates

UUCJ is a community of open-minded, accepting people who care about other people and try to make the world a better place

Natalie Maynor

UUJXN has kept me grounded in multiple ways. First, I get to be around a group of progressive people, which is unique in an area surrounded by conservatives. Second, it gives me a place to search inward–to really understand what spirituality means for me. Finally, … read more.

(Former) Min. Justin McCreary

UUCJ has been home base for me for many years now. I’ve been able to provide leadership through many positions in the church. There are so many opportunities for personal and spiritual growth here. It has been a blessing to be part of this faith … read more.


When I moved to Jackson in 1998, I was looking for a Unitarian Universalist Church because I had been introduced to the denomination by my sister in Texas. When I visited the UUCJ, I decided that it could be my home church due to the … read more.

L. Patricia Ice

I visited the church years ago and was interested and impressed with their unique approach to religious community. Now, I’m actively involved and feel as though I am contributing to a community that is meaningful and helps me find the connection that I have always … read more.

Esther Newell

After not feeling fully embraced by several other denominations and paths, UUCJ offers me a place to celebrate my faith and values.

Eric Wood

I was looking for a religiously liberal community where I would find support for living out my values without having to compromise my beliefs. I found that and so much more at UUCJ!

Stacy Callender

Most churches only follow one religious tradition, but I am interested in exploring many. Here at UUJXN I can learn about many religious traditions and explore how their practices can be meaningful for me and my life!

Kat Chambers