Topic: Social Justice

Something on Resilience

During the 1989 movie Gleaming the Cube, Christian Slater’s character Brian has to cope with the death of his brother. At very low time his friend says to him, “Your gleaming the cube, Brian” Brian gives his friend a questionable look, so he clarifies, “The … read more.

Right Racial Relations

UUCJ has always decided to stay in the city of Jackson. It is a conscious choice to do so. In our previous location, we had some outreach in the community we were in, inconsistent as it was. In our new church home, we once again … read more.

No More My Lord: the Death of Dignity

Tuesday morning protesters stood as close to the capital as they were allowed. They were kept away because of special events taking place in the beginning of a new session. These events were to be treated with the dignity of the office. The protesters outside … read more.