Topic: Social Justice


Today we will focus on Ujamaa (OO-JAH-MAH), the fourth of the seven principles of Kwanzaa, which promotes Cooperative Economics. Often, this principle has been interpreted narrowly as supporting black businesses to keep more money circulating in the black community; however, it is much more than … read more.

Demanding Action

On the UUA website is a prayer written by Rev. Keith Kron that includes the following line: “I grieve for the people who died in [name of most recent shooting].” The fact that we need a prayer with a space to be filled in time … read more.

Outreach As Solidarity

Reverend Edith Love is a Unitarian Universalist minister who believes her calling is to holding sacred space with everyone who has ever felt unwelcome, unloved, or outcast in her beloved hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. She holds a bachelor of liberal studies in social and racial … read more.

Love Your Neighbor

How do we go about loving our neighbor and who is our neighbor? The standard in the Old Testament of the Bible said you must honor your guests, whether they be into your house or into your city. What does this mean as the USA … read more.