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We Reached Our Goal!

Thank you to the 36 donors who pledged over $2700, exceeding the original goal, for supporting the Ordination of our Minister Justin McCreary! Rev. McCreary responded, “I want to send out a heartfelt thanks to the community of and around UUCJ who helped reach this … read more.

Spiritual Restoration for A Peaceful Community

UUCJ is deeply saddened by the recent shooting near our campus. Rooted in our sixth principle, we work diligently to create a peaceful community where justice and compassion, not fear, lead our endeavors. We hope for a complete recovery for the individual injured and for … read more.

Southern Region Leadership visits UUCJ

The Southern Region Leadership team joined UUCJ, leading the Forum and Sunday Service, on September 22nd! The team was in Jackson for a meeting on Saturday. As part of their visit, the team toured UUCJ’s new facilities and lunched with members and friends. Afterwards they … read more.