Topic: Theme: Attention

Demanding Action

On the UUA website is a prayer written by Rev. Keith Kron that includes the following line: “I grieve for the people who died in [name of most recent shooting].” The fact that we need a prayer with a space to be filled in time … read more.

Stone Soup

Please join us for our traditional Stone Soup service! This service reminds us of the importance of paying attention to what we have, sharing generously with others, and celebrating what we can create together.

Please bring a monetary or nonperishable food donation for Stewpot Community Services. … read more.

Can I Have Your Attention, Please?

The Holiday Season can be so stressful because so many different things are all competing for our “Attention,” family, friends, work, parties, meals, money, and even church. It’s no different for UUCJ with the move to the new campus, the ordination of our minister, and … read more.