YUUTH are encouraged to attend Sunday Services until separate YUUTH classes resume. Please see About Services for our policies for in person attendance to prevent the spread of COVID.

group photo of UUCJ youthYUUTH (middle and high school)

The YUUTH class helps middle and high school children and teens as they “come of age” and grapple with the big questions of life. The YUUTH develop deeper connection within the religious community and engage in an age-appropriate exploration of topics on the complexity of the world and our responsibility to be moral agents in it. The YUUTH explore Unitarian Universalist ideas and beliefs as they are encouraged to articulate their own belief systems. As in service, the YUUTH practice the UU rituals of lighting the chalice, sharing joys and concerns, and meditation. They also listen to stories and music, watch videos, and engage in games, dance, arts & crafts, and social justice activities.

Each month the YUUTH, like the rest of the church, will explore a theme that encourages them to explore spiritual practices The themes for 2021-2022 are:

September 2021 – Embracing Possibility

October 2021 – Cultivating Relationship

November 2021 – Holding History

December 2021 – Opening to Joy

January 2022 – Living with Intention

February 2022 – Widening the Circle

March 2022 – Renewing Faith

April 2022 – Awakening

May 2022 – Nurturing Beauty

June 2022 – Celebrating Blessings