tree with seven branches each with a different color triangle in place of leavesChalice Children (ages 4-9)
Lead Teacher: Esther Newell

The Chalice Children class introduces young children into religious community. Using the Spirit Play approach, the class uses active story telling, wondering time, and child-directed activities. The Chalice Children will learn about Unitarian Universalist ideas, beliefs, and rituals, such as lighting the chalice and sharing joys and concerns. They will also listen to stories, share their ideas, and engage in games, arts & crafts, and social justice activities.

Each month the children, like the rest of the church, will explore a theme by wondering, “What does it mean to be a people of…?” The themes for 2019-2020 are:

September – Expectation
October – Belonging
November – Attention
December – Awe
January – Integrity
February – Resilience
March – Wisdom
April – Liberation
May – Thresholds
June – Play