Topic: Ritual

Blessing of the Animals

This Sunday, we will celebrate the interdependent web and all of our companions in our life journey.

This service will be online. Join us on Zoom at 10:30 am for Virtual Coffee Time to catch up with each other and chat. Then join the Sunday service … read more.

Blending of the Waters

Blending of the Waters is an annual celebration for many UU churches. We gather water from a place that is meaningful to us, then bring that water together and mingle it with others’ water. We keep a little from each year to seed … read more.

On Letting Go: A Burning Bowl

The Burning Bowl service is about letting go, metaphoric cleansing and quenching of thirst, setting of intentions, self-anointing, healing, new beginnings and possibilities. It is a service of words, music and the ritual of the burning bowl. At each stop around the circle of flame, … read more.