2014-09-14 11.48.35Chalice Children (ages 5-8) Lead Teacher: Stacy Callender

The Chalice Children class introduces children to religious community by exploring our church, Unitarian Universalists ideas and beliefs, and learning about UU rituals such as lighting the chalice and sharing their feelings (joys and concerns). The children listen to stories, share their ideas, and engage in games, arts & crafts, and social justice activities.

  • The Chalice Children are currently learning Wonderful Welcome. This curriculum engages and challenges leaders and children alike to explore how and why we are willing to welcome others into our lives. We welcome not only strangers, but family, our peers, our neighbors and even entities that are not people such as our animal friends and nature itself.
  • Past curricula include World of Wonder, Love Surrounds Us, Chalice Children, and A Summer of Seuss, a locally-developed series using Dr. Seuss stories to explore ideas about imagination, ethical and moral behavior, and social justice.

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