Easter Flower Communion 2021: Transformation and Metamorphosis

Everywhere I turn, the flowers blooming, my stuffy sinuses, and the greenish tint to my car, it all reminds me that Spring has sprung. The earth is alive. The rain has begun to batter the soil in preparation for new growth. The Mother groans awakening to the world around us. This is the time we come together, as Unitarian Universalists, to celebrate Easter. Historically we bring our flowers, have a big lunch, and laugh and take special pictures together.

But as we all understand, only too well, that we are not yet able to be together again like that. We will get there again someday; we pray sooner rather than later. Just because we won’t be together in person doesn’t mean we cannot truly connect. In fact, our connection is strengthened though our shared sacrifice for the safety of others.

This Sunday Rev. Justin McCreary will lead us in celebrating this new day and praying in the hope for when we gather again.

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