2016 Time Talent Treasure Pledge Campaign

TTT Pledge

Circle Suppers

Please sign up for one of the Circle Suppers to socialize, share ideas for our church community, and pledge financial support for UUCJ for 2016:

  • November 14th – Jason Griggs (Brandon, MS)
  • November 21st – Paul & Jody Gore (Clinton, MS)
  • November 21st – Alicia & Justin McCreary (Ridgeland, MS)

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Jackson has become a vibrant voice for social justice in greater Jackson and throughout Mississippi. Rev. Justin McCreary, members, and friends are active and visible without our community. Our voices are loud and clear! We’re inspiring others to take notice and to join our efforts. We’re represented at interfaith gatherings, active in the public arena, and prominent in the local media.

To continue our move forward, our church must be completely self-sustaining. In recent years we have used financial reserves to support our minister and our ministries. We are thrilled this investment has yielded a revitalized community that is speaking out our message message of love and justice. We have also had dedicated volunteers who have exerted considerable energy. However, to keep our voices strong and to maintain our momentum, we must invest in our vision! The best way is to increase our time, talent, and treasure pledges and donations from our members and friends.

The Stewardship Team asks that you consider carefully how you can support the mission of UUCJ with a regular, sustained pledge of financial support and a pledge of your time and talents to serve on one of our Ministry Teams or in a leadership role. Please consider what UUCJ means to you and to the community!

Download a Pledge Card today to turn in your pledge for 2016!

You may pledge your time and talents to serve on one of the Ministry Teams:

  • Welcoming Community assists with membership and communications
  • Exploring Our Beliefs assists with Sunday programs and religious exploration
  • Living Our Values assists with caring for our members and friends as well as our church buildings and grounds
  • Changing Our World assists our members and friends to engage in social justice efforts in the larger community

You may pledge your treasure at a Giving Level that fit your situation:

  • Supporting (3%)
  • Sustaining (5%)
  • Visionary (7%)
  • Traditional Tithe (10%)

NOTE: All monetary and property donations are tax-deductible. Statements of total contributions are provided to all donors annually for tax purposes.